Time for another rant…

It has been quite some time since I had a rant and rave session… something necessary on a daily basis before I switched cubicles to one NOT on the aisle and therefore subject to all the crazies and their hallway meetings.  I’m in a really good area of the cube farm now… nestled between my supervisor who is off in meetings more than he’s at his desk and the technical team lead who just works all day.  I realized after moving that the incessant chatter that drove me crazy and made my lack of a concealed weapon permit a good thing for those around me is not what the real problem is – it is when that chatter is NOT work related that I get crazed.  Since my move, I hear probably more chatter but because it is primarily work related, it doesn’t bug me!

There are two people within earshot of my new cube who are in the bottom third of the productivity scale on my team… Today one of them had a group of two other slackers gathered and were discussing – wait for it – the eating habits of their dogs and why, when they feed their dogs and cats half of their food, they just can’t understand how they don’t lose weight.  At one point, I heard one of them proclaim that she’d found not eating an entire bag of potato chips at night had led to her dropping a few pounds.  Are you kidding me?  An ENTIRE BAG of potato chips by yourself?  My arteries closed up a bit and my stomach rolled at the thought of it!  Another one said she makes an extra grilled cheese just to feed to her greyhound.  Well, that might be why your diet of “feed the dogs what I eat” (yes, that’s what she referred to HER diet as) isn’t working since you are still consuming the same food but making extras to give to the dogs.  The conversation devolved into the dynamics of sharing a bed with multiple cats who demand their own pillows and I entertained thoughts of a .22 bullet.  I can only assume that these people are single women because I don’t know a man who would put up with that kind of shit.  Although, clearly, I just might not know the right kind of people. 

One of these days, the insanity of how LITTLE work is actually performed at my work place by people expecting a paycheck every couple of weeks that they’ve done very little to earn will be exposed and something done about it.  In the meantime, I will quietly scream “SHUT THE FUCK UP” under my breath multiple times a week and rant and rave on the blog when that doesn’t cut it. 

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