What is it about November?

Why is it that when the air turns crisp and the nights get longer I suddenly find new energy for writing?  Its like just the thought of November and it’s designation as National Novel Writing Month looming in the coming weeks magically motivates me.

I’ve been in the “percolating” stage for months on my novel.  Which is writer speak for I’m-not-actually-doing-any-writing-but-I’m-thinking-alot-about-writing.  I used to fight this time when it would hit me but I’ve learned that if I wait it out and allow the percolation I am surprised at what my subconscious spews out when it’s over.  This time was no exception.

Remember that the last writing I did was on my camping trip when I got reacquainted with where I’d left the story and all the characters and then banged out a new chapter.  Fast forward to yesterday when I sat down and without much thought produced a pretty killer chapter to fill a hole in the middle that until then had a one sentence of “this should happen here” as a placeholder.  Once that hole was filled in, the flood gates opened wide.

Tonight I spent my allotted writing time NOT on Facebook (miracle) and read the entire manuscript putting one sentence synopsis with each chapter heading.  (I just upgraded to Word 2010 and I’m really digging the default navigation bar on the left that shows you the headings in list form.)  Now I can see the flow of what every chapter accomplishes – as well as the few remaining holes that have yet to be written.  HOLY. SHIT.  I’ve only got 4 chapters to write and I’m done with my first draft!!

Surely I can write 4 chapters in the next three weeks.  Because then it will be November and I can start on the other thing the most recent percolating has conjured: a new story idea.  Yes, you read this post correctly.  I procrastinated percolated finishing the rough draft of my first novel so long that now I only have three weeks to finish it AND plan a new story so I can do National Novel Writing Month again this year.  Talk about working better under pressure and setting high expectations of yourself, eh?

Here’s to burning the midnight oil and drinking more coffee than I have all year so I can basically write at breakneck speed for TWO months instead of one.  And may I live to tell about it when it’s all over.

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