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“New Beginnings”

I settled in my seat – the window, luckily, despite the Southwest boarding nonsense.

“Hi,” she said from beside me. “You on business or pleasure?” Her southern twang lent friendliness.

“Both. My fiancé is relocating. Spending the weekend looking for a place.”

“You’re kiddin’, that’s what I’m doin’!”

“What are the odds?” I guess Denver was the new place to be.

I looked out the window, picturing Owen’s face, while I watched the bustle of pre-flight activity outside. It had been two weeks of texts and FaceTime. I couldn’t wait to feel his arms again.

“What area of the city, do you know yet?” she said. I was glad, friendly conversation to pass the time, maybe my first new friend.

“I’m not sure. My mother-in-law-to-be gave me her companion pass so I could surprise him. She doesn’t think he’s making enough progress on his own.”

She laughed. “We’re looking at downtown – close to everything…”

The flight passed enjoyably, this new friendship blossoming while we discussed the challenges of finding employment halfway across the country. We both loved yoga, maybe we would end up at the same studio. This new chapter would be just what I needed.

My heart skipped as I walked toward the outside world, alone now. Was that Owen’s face in the crowd? I scanned frantically. It was him! I quickened my steps when I saw his smile of recognition, so happy to see me. My heart broke as I saw him embrace her, walking just ahead of me.

Copyright 2015 Terra Luft All Rights Reserved


 “Christmas Eve”

I stumbled away from where I’d crashed the snowmobile, caught myself. Glad I had gloves, but I wish my jeans weren’t so wet. I glanced back toward the lake house. Soft light glowed back from the windows but it was deceiving. There was no warmth there.

Leaving Christmas Eve to start a new life was my gift to myself. Logan was waiting for me on his side of the lake. My lips still tingled where he’d kissed me earlier. His love letters warmed me from my pocket. My foster mother’s voice rose unbidden from memory “why does every teenager skip a coat? You’ll freeze.” Wish I’d thought to bring my winter coat.

A far-away whisper of “Saaaaa-raaaaaaah” wafted out of the darkness with the biting wind. They were searching for me. It meant nothing, they didn’t love me. Only Logan did. I stumbled again. Had to keep going. Don’t let them find me…

Lights ahead, no engine sounds. Logan, waiting at our spot. I’d made it. The ethereal glow beckoned just through those trees. I rushed faster, blazing a trail through the snow with my calves, breath ragged in my ears. I’d be safe only in his arms.

I broke through the trees, giddy. Wait, these lights were too bright. Something was wrong, this wasn’t Logan. A massive ship filled the clearing, suspended on nothing. Logan was there, floating motionless toward it. I screamed and ran but the beam grabbed me. I fought but couldn’t move. At least we’re together…

Copyright 2014 Terra Luft All Rights Reserved

“Little Red”

My body jerked awake, the doorbell yanking me from the brink of sleep.

“Trick or treat!” came muffled through the door, probably teenagers looking for mischief. The little pirates and sparkling princesses had long since dwindled. I’d dozed off before extinguishing the porch light but I still had candy in the bowl. Better get to it if I didn’t want a trick.

I smoothed my rumpled costume and lifted the red hood over my hair. Reaching into the bowl for a handful of the requisite sugary nonsense, I opened the door.

“Looks like you’ve been expecting me,” the wolf face said with a chuckle. Did those lips move? The make-up these days was getting so elaborate.

“Great costume. Aren’t you a little old, though?” Where was the candy bag ready and waiting to accept my offering?

“Not for what I have in mind, Red,” he growled, fangs and inhuman bone structure flashing in a burst of movement.

Claws dug into my arms like tiny knives shoving me back inside the house, hot breath in my face. My vision tunneled and I screamed as the creature kicked the door shut. Heartbeat frantic, I grabbed for anything within reach that would help. Candy bowl clattering, nothing.

“Take whatever you want, just don’t hurt me.”

“Mmm, what I want will hurt, my treat.”

My head smashed against the tile. The weight of him on top of me registered as my throat erupted in pain. Ripping sounds filled my ears.

Copyright 2014 Terra Luft All Rights Reserved

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