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Now Available: Within Reach

Another new story out in the world for you to enjoy. This one is a science fiction story called “Intersections” in a themed collection focused on touch. If you love quantum physics and exploring the idea of alternate planes and multiple lives then you’ll love this story.

Here’s what the publisher has to say:

Nothing is more intimate than the soft caress of a hand or the gentle touch of a finger on your forearm. We all long for a warm embrace tying it to memories that we hold fondly.

Whether that touch goes wrong or right we attach those emotions with the action and how it feels on our skin. And every skin carries its story tight within.

Within Reach

Even more exciting, I entered my story in The Olive Woolley Burt Awards writing contest and it just won an Honorable Mention for Prose: General & Literary Fiction.

Available in both eBook and print HERE. As always, I’d love to hear what you think if you want to drop me an email!

President’s Volunteer Service Award

2016 was a monumental year for me. None of the things I accomplished were ones that I had planned to achieve when I set out in January. In fact, when the year began I had barely registered there was a League of Utah Writers organization out there. By the end of the year I had become a chapter president, turned membership on its ear with humbling numbers of people who wanted to join us, created and pulled off a writing retreat, had helped organize my first statewide conference and been nominated to be the future conference committee chairman. Along with all of this, was a lot of sacrifice in the form of time. Time away from my family, time away from my own writing. What do I have to show for it?

A seriously amazing award, that’s what!

I could show evidence of over 500 hours – FIVE HUNDRED – that I volunteered for the League in 2016. Because we are a certifying organization with The President’s Volunteer Service Award program, I can tout yet another prestigious accomplishment on my road to wherever I’m headed as an author: Gold President’s Volunteer Service Award Winner.

The very best part is that I was awarded this by my favorite U.S. President (so far) of my adulthood – President Obama – with a signed letter to go with my spiffy certificate and the pin I can wear on my lapel. Service does have its advantages!

For 2017, my goal is to NOT qualify for this award by finding better balance and more people to delegate things to so they can earn this award themselves. We shall see how successful I am.

Overachiever: College Edition

I am now officially a sophomore and entering my third term since returning to college. Just got word that I made the President’s List because I have a 4.0. Not going to lie – that feels amazing and worth every amount of hard work and suffering when I say that. I found out recently that my perfectionism comes from my Dad – who very quietly his whole life has never started anything he didn’t know he would be good at and who pushes himself to do everything perfectly. Overachiever is apparently a genetic trait.



My First Blog Award!

It’s official… what I have suspected all along is true:  there ARE more than three of you out there who are reading this blog.  On second thought, since the award came from one of you I actually know about, maybe I’m wrong.  At any rate, I have been awarded my first blog award.  I’m gushing inside and all a-twitter like a school girl!

I’d like to thank my fellow writing pal Christauna at Art n’Writin for bestowing upon me the first honors earned by my little blog.  I hope the tea cup and roses somehow fits into the whole space here since I’m going to post it proudly.  I’ve never been so happy to see cutesy girlie stuff which is not really my style.   

So, there are rules to getting this award and here they are:

Accept your award and post it on your blog along with a link to the person who has sent it to you. Pass the award to 15 other blogs that you have newly discovered. You must contact the person to let them know that you have chosen them to receive the award.

Okay, enough with the fine print.  Here’s where you get to learn the ugly crazy truth about me. I blog… a lot I think… but I don’t actually read that many other blogs.  Let’s face it, I am insanely busy.  I mean, seriously! Full time job, two kids, running 20 miles a week training for a half-marathon (16 days and counting by the way!), playing fantasy football obsessed with beating my nephews which also involves watching a lot of football, shuttling one of my kids to dance 7 hours a week, AND trying to write a novel in all my non-existent spare time.  So, I’ve recently been on the hunt for awesome new blogs to read so I can pass the award to others I deem worthy and thereby claim mine for my own.  (I sense a future blog post here… stay tuned!)

So without further ado, here is my list of people I think deserve the award because 1) they have kept me entertained enough to keep up with their blogs in what little time I have or 2) are ones I found noteworthy in the week when I went searching for new and interesting people to follow… in no particular order.  Of course, there are many more I like but several of them have already received the award and thus cannot make MY list…

Tickets For Two
Bethanne Strasser
Amber Ruoti
The Rejectionist
Kristie Tencarre
Stacy Malone
Sara M Eden
The B.S. Cafe
Dan Wells

Some of these blogs may never claim the “Lovely Blog” award since I tend to follow an eclectic mix of cutesy and irreverent with an emphasis on the irreverent.  But, that’s my list and maybe, just maybe, one of you might find something worth adding to your reading list.  Yes, it isn’t the requisite 15 but I’m claiming my award nonetheless.  I never was one for following all the rules to the letter anyway so why start now?