A Pack of Dogs

We have been invaded… literally…. by a pack of dogs. The extended family set off this morning for a week of fun in the sweltering heat of St George, Utah. Because we weren’t going, we get the pleasure of watching the dogs! The pack consists of the following: 1) our girl Sasha – a 2 year-old Norwegian Elk Hound who has a mind of her own and continually pushes the limits with her behaviour; 2) my parent’s boy Bouncer – a 2 year-old miniature Schnauzer who is tall for the breed, lanky and kind of dopey but so cute and lovable; and 3) Grandma’s girl Sadie – an 8-year old Shitzu who has always been a spoiled princess and doesn’t like other dogs – especially those who sniff her butt. Bouncer and Sasha get along great as long as they can wrassle and play non-stop. Sadie doesn’t like to play but would rather hang out on the furniture and sleep all day. Should be an interesting week considering that Sasha sleeps outside in her dog run and also spends the week days there while we are at work – mostly because she can’t be trusted not to chew up the back yard and everything in it. Right now they are hanging out together in the yard getting the dynamics of the pack worked out. Sadie is whining at the back door wanting to come in and Bouncer and Sasha keep looking at her as if to say “what’s the problem, man, we’re here and we want to plaaaay!” Grandma informed me that Sadie has never spent a night outside and assured me she is a good girl – probably hoping that I would show some mercy and let her sleep inside. We are fully equipped with crates for all with intentions of hotel accommodations in the cool night air. Feeding time will be nuts – Sasha eats twice a day and acts like we never feed her; snarfing it down without even probably tasting it. Both Bouncer and Sadie are grazers at home who have food in their bowls all day so they can snack at whim. Can’t have that or they will starve and Sasha will pack on 30 pounds this week at the all-you-can-eat buffet. So, Bouncer and Sadie will have to be fed separate from Sasha and they will have to learn that if they want to eat then they better eat when it is offered. They will eventually get hungry enough and catch on, right? I feel like some dog whisperer wanna-be who only has a week to snap everyone into submission or lose my own sanity. Should be an interesting week…

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