Real food or big joke?

Check out this photo that I came across in the vending aisle of the break room the other day…

Say it with me, “Big Az Bubba Twins”. I know it is a poor quality photo but yes, that is exactly what it says. Is this supposed to be appealing to actual people? Is there REALLY someone out there who would purchase something labeled “Big AZ Bubba Twins”? Never mind that it is frozen chili cheese dogs from a vending machine…. I found myself repeating it over and over again… BIG ASS BUBBA TWINS… And then, of course, I kept repeating it at random moments the rest of the week. All kidding about the name aside, if it hadn’t been $3 to buy it I might have been tempted to do so just so I could see what the ingredient list looks like. You can bet your “BIG AZ” that it doesn’t have anything remotely resembling real food on it! Another example of chemicals in the form of imitation food products that people have been conditioned to think of as real food. My stomach turns thinking of the horror of putting something like that in it. Do you know how many vegetables I can get for $3? And do you know how big one’s AZ would get from eating something like that? At least they have tried to keep SOME truth in the advertising, huh? Friends don’t let friends eat Big Az Bubba Twins.

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