4179…. That’s the number of emails in my InBox at work THAT I NOW HAVE TO CLEAN UP BEFORE MY DEPARTURE!! (What the hell was I thinking letting things get so out of hand?) Granted, the majority of these items at one point were important and related to some project or another but MY GOD at least they could have been organized! It appears – officially – that my powers of organization were abandoned about 2 years ago at least in the realm of email. I had an epiphany this afternoon… ain’t nuthin’ in there that’s gonna matter and they are just going to junk the whole email account when I’m gone anyway so just pick out the most recent stuff that needs to be passed on and trash the rest. Kind of liberating, although the pack-rat in me will be screaming at the top of her lungs when the trashing commences in earnest. I blame my Mom… she’s certainly the one who passed on that particular gene. Repeat after me… I will not keep email (or consider it reference material that I could ever possibly find again!) Folks, learn from my mistakes and de-junk your inbox. The life and sanity you save may be your own.

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Writer; wife, mother, survivor, and impulsive bitch rarely capable of saying no. Fueled by coffee, yoga and sarcasm. (She/Her) View all posts by terraluft

One response to “4179

  • Christauna

    Hey Terra, In an attempt to not get caught in the purging of your inbox I’m afraid to send you an email right now. Conflicts have come up for nearly everyone on the 23rd for the writers group. Can we do it on the 30th instead?Christauna


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