A break to talk about the election

I’m taking a break from my novel writing – no, not because I am stuck but because I don’t want to let the moment pass by without commenting on the history that was made tonight in the good ol‘ US of A. Imagine, the first black man in the oval office. Hell, I’m happy enough that it is a Democrat!! Of course, it isn’t the Democrat of my first choice and it is not one above all reproach with his questionable acquaintances of the past but hey, is there really one out there above all reproach no matter which party you look for it in? I’d like to take a moment to address the one point that made me cringe the most when toted by the “flaming red’s” as I like to refer to my fellow citizens of (and I quote) “the reddest state in the Union”. That would be the comment that Obama had no experience compared to John McCain. Please… The facts (which I actually took the time to check!) state that after getting his law degree from Harvard and leading the Harvard Law Review while he was there, he practiced law and did community organizing and then worked his way up in local government before being elected to the US Senate. What does McCain have on his resume in the form of experience? Well, after his stint as a POW in ‘Nam (which yes, is tragic and horrible and noble but does not in any way count as experience in leading a country in my opinion) he was a beer distributor. Yes, you read it right, a beer distributor and then was elected to the Senate where he’s been for decades. No doubt using his POW stories back then to get elected. Now you tell me why one or the other isn’t just as good as the other. Personally I’d rather have a lawyer who knows the laws of the land he is tasked with governing than some beer distributor who calls himself a maverick and continues – election after election – to think that he has anything that the majority of us Americans want. We didn’t want you in 2000 and we don’t want you now. I’m putting my hopes on Obama and look forward to the next 4 years that, at the very least, will not be 4 more years of Republican rhetoric! No matter if upon looking back the “Change” we were promised and that we’re all hoping for actually happens or not, I can say that I was there and paying attention while the things of history were happening!

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