Day 6

I couldn’t stop myself from going to the fitness center at work but I convinced myself I needed to do something besides run and opted for the elliptical. My ankle didn’t bother me too much and I felt encouraged that all I needed was a day to rest it and could hit the running again. And then I made my first visit to a running store. After an hour with the sales guy and a whole bunch of shoes, I walked out with my first pair of shoes just right for me. Holy shit!! Guess what, my ankle doesn’t hurt anymore! It was also the first pair of shoes I ever bought without looking at the price tag and trying to talk myself out of them because quite frankly I would have paid anything they said for the way they fit my foot. I am back in the game. Or, one could argue, I am finally officially in the game… The only obstacle now is finding a treadmill over the weekend and avoiding the temptation to just go outside and run since the sales guy (who is up there on a pedastal at this point) said I had to do a real run on a treadmill to be sure they were really the right shoe. If I run outside first they cannot be exchanged. So, I am headed to my nearest friend’s or family with a treadmill at the first available opportunity! Running shoes are the best thing since sliced bread!

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