Double Junior Whopper

Not many times are there 'blog worthy' moments that would warrant a post while at a concert… But there was one tonight! My sister picked me up from work early because we have General Admission lawn seating and wanted to get here before the gates opened. We hit the Burger King drive through instead of paying $10 for a slice of icky pizza. Nothing noteworthy about Burger King drive through, right? Until the following exchange took place:

“Can I get a double junior whopper?”

“Sorry, we don't have a double junior whopper”

“You have a junior whopper, right?”


“Well, can I get one of those and get an extra patty?”

-wait for it-

“Oh, you mean a double junior whopper?”

It was at that point we looked at each other and my smartass said “isn't that what you said?” We were cracking up so bad she could barely answer his question on whether she wanted cheese on that. I tell you, the IQ requirements are super low at Burger King these days!

OMG I just saw a guy with a mullet! (and is that marijuana I smell?!) Rock on!!

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