Weeks 18 & 19 – where did my waist go?

Holy growing uterus, batman!  I look more and more pregnant everyday and really, that’s the only thing there is to report for the last two weeks.  I’m pretty irritated that the super comfy “below the belly” maternity pants that felt great before I had a baby bump the size of a soccer ball now cut me in all the wrong places.  I actually broke out the one pair of pants that I kept from my previous pregnancy because they were simple and basic black and didn’t have the icky front panel of stretchy material in them.  They do, however, have a super nice waistband that goes over my belly and rests up where there’s no problem for elastic to make.  Is it insane to want to find THOSE kind of pants again?  I’m sure not a fan of the new “hidden belly” pants that are all the rage!  I caught a glimpse of myself from the side angle today and about shit my pants!  I guess viewing straight on in my bathroom mirror I can still pretend like I have a figure since my belly sticks out front and I can still see waist on either side.  BUT from the side?  Whoa nelly…  THAT’S A BIG ASS BELLY!

What is IN that big ass belly is starting to kick me at regular intervals and sometimes even tells me when she is unhappy at what I ate.  Ok, I have no idea of the accuracy of that statement but my hypothesis holds true since she seems to be way more active when I eat something spicy – say 30 or so minutes after when the digestion process is in full swing.  I’m looking forward to the months where the internal acrobatics can be felt by her daddy and her big sister….  I’m craving everything bad for me – like donuts and candy – and blame all of it on the baby.  There’s now a running joke at work that the baby will have a list of demands which it needs met in order to get whatever the team needs/wants in the coming months.  Not sure if anyone really buys it but it is fun to hear the banter.

Next big milestone is next Wednesday when we have the 20-week ultrasound scheduled…  Stay tuned!  Will the baby’s parts still be girl parts or did her parents in fact get to impatient and go too early?  And will the pesky “short” cervix prove long enough to let me do some more jogging or will I remain benched for the long haul?  Inquiring minds want to know!  In the meantime, I’m knitting up a storm and can’t seem to get enough of it.  I guess the nesting phase has officially begun!

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