Two weeks later… skinny jeans!

It was May, 2009…  I had just finished a 23-day round of HCG, lost 30 pounds and was ready to start another 40-day round.  I had become addicted to running.  Me, a runner – something I’ve never been in my entire life.  And then I got pregnant and it all had to be put on hold – including the running.  So, I walked instead.  And I did it consistently the entire time I was pregnant wishing I was able to run but taking what I could get.  And you know what?  It paid off big time!  My daughter was born exactly 15 days ago and yesterday I WORE MY SKINNY JEANS to the movies.  I’m not talking my skinny jeans from before I did HCG.  No, I’m talking about the jeans I had to buy after I lost 30 pounds because none of my jeans fit me anymore jeans. 

I thought for a minute it was a fluke – maybe they were just stretchy jeans and I hadn’t actually paid attention when I bought them.  So, I stepped on the scale this morning… something I was kind of avoiding since I had just had a baby (that and mirrors!).  HOLY SHIT – I weigh less than I did after HCG!  (by a pound… but still!)  I haven’t even been out for a walk since she was born and yet the weight has disappeared effortlessly.  This must be what they say about if you are active during pregnancy you have a much faster recovery.  With my first pregnancy eight years ago it took me eight weeks – eight! – and some major exercise just to get back into the jeans I was wearing when I got knocked up.  I was a different person then.  I ate like crap and didn’t exercise and hadn’t been smart enough to be frightened by a family history of high cholesterol, coronary artery disease and diabetes.

I’m glad I grew up and started taking life seriously!

I love knowing I can run again in a month after my 6-week checkup.  I love knowing I can wear anything I want in my closet without having to be limited to the small selection of maternity clothes I’ve been enduring for months.  But most of all, I love knowing that I took control of my health and changed my lifestyle for the better not even letting a silly thing like pregnancy detour me from my new life.  And I’ll be around and healthy to enjoy the lives of my daughters because of it!

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