Gone-zo Gall Bladder

Bye bye gall bladder and bye bye to my record of NEVER having had surgery.  Happily I tolerate general anesthesia well – unlike my unlucky sister who had me extremely worried about a horrid recovery.  Everything went routinely well with my… routine… surgery. 

I won the prize for the most gall stones my radiologist has seen in a long time which made the decision to try and keep my gall bladder and manage the symptoms with diet alone not really a viable one.  Turns out, according to my surgeon, I have a huge liver (which prompted a third laparoscopic incision) and which is probably why I went so long before my gall stones bothered me

I’m up and around just 24 hours after surgery – able to care for baby sister and myself but still enjoying all my family helping out.  I get an additional week off for my short term disability which makes it a nice trade off.  Lose a gall bladder, gain another week of paid time off at home with my new little one?  Can’t say that sucks!

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