And so it begins…

The official start of the 2010 running season is here… for me anyway!  You’ll remember I did my first 5K last year… which I walked because I was on HCG and therefore not allowed to run and, truth be told, I was in nowhere near the shape I needed to be in order to actually run anyway having just started on this long journey to health.  It’s been almost a year since that race already.  And wow what a year it has been – I decided to get fit and take control of my health and my future in spite of my insanely bad gene pool, started working out and got addicted to running, did my first 5K, dropped 30lbs in 23 days on HCG, got pregnant, had to stop running but didn’t stop working out, had a baby, dropped all the baby weight, lost a gall bladder and have officially hit the gym again.  Today I was talking to a friend – one of the ones who inspired me to start running in the first place – and I committed to do Race for the Cure again in May.  As luck would have it, I will have to walk it this year too since I’ll again be on HCG but this year I’ll walk it faster and push a stroller with my new baby while my eight year old and her BFF walk with me.  I have resumed my workouts both at work and at home with my walking/jogging buddy who is also recovering from having a baby about a month ago (I swear, it was something in the water in our neighborhood!).  We talked tonight about finding more 5K’s to do this year and I got SO excited.  People all around me are training for new milestone events – triathlons, half marathons, marathons – and I’m catching the bug, too!  It felt so good to be back at work this week (until the sleep deprivation caught up with me anyway) and especially good to be back in the gym.  Daily exercise… recommended, craved by me, and fit into my schedule no matter what!  I’m loving life and looking forward to new personal bests in 2010!

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