The new bod

I’ve said it before: the proof is in the pants – and it is still true.

I just finished the maintenance phase of my last round of HCG protocol.  In a nutshell, HCG has three phases.  Phase 1, you do daily shots and eat a very restricted diet and then phase 2 (or maintenance) is three weeks of “no starch and no sugar”.  This gives your hypothalamus time to rest from the intensity of phase 1 as well as establish a new set point for your ‘normal’ weight.  This set point is the place you now yo yo back and forth from but always return to.  (For more details about how the whole HCG thing works, you can read the research from the doctor who developed it here.)  Phase 3 is “normal” eating with your new habits.

We all know from my previous lamenting posts I did not lose the 40 pounds I wanted to lose in the 40 days of phase 1 I endured and pushed myself through to the bitter end.  But I can’t very well complain about the almost 30 that I lost in just over a month.  There isn’t really supposed to be much fluctuation in phase 2 – no more than 2 pounds either way – so my expectations were low and I did well with my “maintenance” activities.  (I’ve gotten REALLY good at finding “no sugar added” ice cream in the city!)

One night, at the end of phase 1 or the beginning of phase 2, my sister and I went through all the pants in my closet … as deep as they go and as many sizes as I’ve been hoarding… I either donated to charity those that were dismally out of date (the 80’s called and they want their pants back!), handed off to my sister if they didn’t fit anymore since she’s wearing the size I just came out of, or kept in the closet in two categories: the ones that fit now and the ones that are “almost” perfect.  This later category were those pants that I could get my ass into and could do up but that were not quite comfortable once I got to that point.

And then I started running again.  But this time using a set training program with a coach and a 5K goal in August!

This morning I pulled out some pants and put them on and realized they were hanging on me.  Like there was enough room for me to put my baby inside with me for sure and possibly even my eight year old.  How the hell did that happen?  I tried on every pair of slacks I own in one sitting so I wouldn’t have to do this every morning anymore searching for pants that fit!  I chalked it up to a late night with my sister and pulled out another pair.  They fit the same way!  Eventually, several pairs later… (Yes, it took a while!  Don’t judge, I hadn’t had any coffee yet!) I ended up pulling out some of the Capri’s I’ve been dying to wear from that “not quite there” category and guess what!  THEY. FIT. PERFECTLY.

I loved how I felt all day and I had another great run this afternoon completely inspired by how I look and feel in my “new” pants.  That damn scale says I weigh exactly the same as the last day I took a shot three weeks ago but I know I couldn’t wear these pants that day because I tried.  And I can’t lie… I am now one of those women who turns to the side with her butt sticking out in the restroom so I can check how my ass looks in the mirror.  What an amazing feeling – it’s almost as great as knowing I can walk 4 miles pushing my 5 month old in the stroller without batting an eye or straining a body part.

I am still in love with running – happily the affair did not die off on my long hiatus of pregnancy and recovery – and I’m training strong.  I’m preparing for a 5K in August – the first one I’ll run/jog the majority of instead of the other way around.  Hell, at the rate I’m progressing, I’ll be running the entire 5k!  And, more importantly, I’m enjoying my new body as I continue to mold it with running and proper diet.  Bring on the swim suit weather! I’m ready!  Well… at least the shorts and tanks!  Is a woman ever really ready for swimsuit season?

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