Birth of a gym rat and Ragnar training

It’s official… I’m a regular at the gym.  I’m in love with running so much that I’ve gone and made it a habit that has me working out six days a week – every week!  I have a personal trainer who has helped me incorporate strength training and I found a yoga class that I love.  With Ragnar training just around the corner, which will be even more challenging than my half marathon training program I did last fall, this is very good news.  And with my new heart rate monitor – which I obsess about now way too much – I can be scientifically sure of exactly what my efforts are providing.  If I decide to run fast and not care what my heart rate is doing, then I know I have to refuel mid-run because I’m not burning fat – but I’m building cardio endurance instead.  If I decide to be disciplined and stay within my fat-burning zones I can go longer without refueling but it is more frustrating to run slower so I hate it.  (Nothing ever makes me happy I guess!)

So, here’s my gym schedule:

Monday – Rest
Tuesday – short run (2-3 miles) or cross train plus weights
Wednesday – mid-range run (4-5 miles)
Thursday – short run plus weights
Friday – mid-range run
Saturday – short run plus yoga
Sunday – long run – at least 8 miles

As Ragnar training ramps up, the distances will increase but the schedule will remain the same.  Since Ragnar is a relay race where each runner has to run three times over the course of two days, towards the middle there will be days where my long run is split into three separate runs of shorter distances so you get used to having to run multiple times in a day.  The Ragnar slogan is: Run, Drive, Sleep, Repeat. 

I am so excited and so committed to being successful at Rangar I’m not doing a half marathon before like I had originally planned.  Okay, and I couldn’t find one that didn’t conflict with Big Sister’s dance competition schedule this spring. Grrrrr Who knew that I’d have a sport that competed with my kid’s sport but I love it!  Hubby started running yesterday – something he thought he couldn’t do again after a back injury and an ACL replacement – and is also gearing up for Ragnar.  I’m so excited to be doing it together!

I can’t lie… Amidst all this excitement and commitment, I’m a little intimidated about Ragnar, too.  Because I like downhill WAY more than uphill, I selected a spot that has more downhill but that means I have longer distances.  When it is all said and done, I will have run 21 miles in the 48 hours of the race.  Practically a full marathon!  So, time to get the game face on and start training strong. I’m proof that anyone can be a runner – since I’m still a bit on the heavier side of my ideal weight (I could stand to lose about 30 more pounds) but I can run 10 miles on any given Sunday!  Just pick a goal and stick with it, right?  RIGHT!

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