When Mommy’s sick, ain’t no one happy!

There is nothing worse than being under the weather and unable to do everything – especially for me!  (I wonder how many sentences I’ve ever started with those words “there is nothing worse”…  I might have to add the label over-exaggerator to the list I’ve given myself!)  I’m typically a very healthy person.  Even when Hubby gets sick I avoid catching it.  When the kids get sick, I avoid catching it.  But, the last three weeks I have succumbed – over and over again.  First a bout of pink-eye that started on Saturday morning three weeks ago and was quickly bad enough that I spent Sunday morning in the urgent care getting eye drops and suffered with no make-up in public for another week.  The very next weekend – a day after I returned to the land of make-up, I spent Sunday with a 24-hour stomach flu – I’ll spare you the gory details on that one!  And now, I have a chest/head cold that started last Saturday – the very next weekend.  I’m hoping I will be better soon but who knows how long it will linger. 

While all this sickness is bad on it’s own, it is doubly bad – at least for me – knowing that Sundays are my treasured long-run days.  The one day a week that Hubby has the kids and I get at least two hours of uninterrupted bliss with nothing but my running shoes and an iPod play list where I get to de-stress from the week.  You can imagine how shitty life is when Mommy doesn’t get her de-stress day three weeks in a row!


I’m downright frightful in my bitchiness… just ask my poor family who I’m sure are hoping I get to run soon if only for their own sake. 

I guess on the bright side: no one else got pink eye; the stomach flu quickly made it’s way through all of us with little lingering effects; and a cold is somewhat easier to handle if I spread it to more than just Hubby who is currently suffering with me.  Here’s hoping for healthy days ahead full of running and sanity!  God knows I need it!

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