Celebrating with a blog challenge – Day 1

I don’t know what specific date I started blogging – sometime in 2008 I think.  But, the new blogger layout now shows me the number of posts I’ve done and this is number two hundred.  That number seems significant so I thought I’d do something to celebrate.  I see lots of people doing these 30-Day Blog Challenges and I found one that is designed to let readers get to know the blogger a little better.  (As if you don’t know me pretty well already after two hundred posts of hold-nothing-back, right?)  One of the lists has things on it that I do not normally blog about so I thought what the hell.  The next month you can all get to know me just a little better and I’d love it if you commented and told me these same facts about you!

Day 1: A favorite song

This is a hard one to nail down.  I am a child of the 80’s and love pretty much any hair band.  I played guitar in a garage band back in college and we did some extremely heavy stuff.  At the time, my favorite was Metallica.  I was also classically trained on the piano and LOVE classical music, especially Tchiakovsky.  But, right now my favorite song is “So What” by Pink.  It has such a great beat and great lyrics and Pink is one of my favorite artists because she knows how to tell it like it is.  I also love pretty much anything by Katy Perry and have been known to sing along to some of the teeny boppers that Big Sister listens to – like Selena Gomez lately.  I love music in general and will listen to anything – as long as it isn’t country which makes me violent and irritable or show tunes which I never got into.  The heavier the better if I’m trying to concentrate and the lyrics have to hit home to make it a favorite.

Stay tuned for the next thirty days for other random facts with a window into who I am.  Hope you enjoy!

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