Blog Challenge Day 5 – The meaning behind my blog’s name

For a long time I’ve been fascinated with all things occult.  I love astrology, read Tarot cards, am fascinated with palm readers, have been to a psychic, and always gravitate to movies and books with these things and characters who do them.  One of the things I’ve always said is “I wish I had a crystal ball!” – usually when I’m trying to make tough choices where there are no easy answers and could mean significant change in my life.  When I got the blogging bug – which seems like a lifetime ago – I thought it would be cool to theme it around being a glimpse into my life from the outside – like a crystal ball – and also a reflection of my own life from the inside.   Over the years it has been just that – a way for me to project outward what I’m doing, feeling, thinking and also for me to reflect on what makes me who I am.  I still have days when I really wish I had that magical crystal ball to make my life easier, but in the meantime I have this!

My blog began before I consciously decided I wanted to be a writer who would also have a blog or thought there might be actual people who would read it regularly.  Many times I have thought “Terra, could you have made the blog url any longer and why doesn’t it match the name of the blog?” and have thought long and hard about changing it.  But if I change the url to match the name of the blog would I lose people who stop by occasionally or would it be easier for everyone to find – never mind the fact it’s printed on my business cards?  Or would I fall into the trap of being one of “those” bloggers who are infamous for changing their blog name or deleting them? I’ve found several in this category over the years and am sad when the blog is one day inexplicably gone.  So of course I don’t want to do that to any of MY readers.

I’d love to know…  How did you find me in the blog-isphere and what do you think of the name or the url – love it, hate it or never thought about it?

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