Blog Challenge Day 8 – Thank you letter to someone who has changed my life

How do you pick just one person?  One person to single out as the biggest influence of change? Is it your parents?  Your spouse?  Your children?  Your mentor?  The author of your favorite book?  I can’t pick just one – and have been struggling with this question for a week now knowing this post was lurking in the blog challenge.  I was even tempted to replace it with something easier.  But then what would be the point of the blog challenge if I got rid of all the challenging posts?  Then I decided that I wasn’t being graded on this and anyone I picked would give you an insight into me so I went with the first one that popped into my head a week ago.

Dear Big Sister,
             Thank you for surprising me with your conception at a time in my life when I was convinced I didn’t want kids because my career was so important I couldn’t be bothered with motherhood.  I was wrong.  Over the years I have suspended my selfishness in ways I didn’t think possible without regret just to make you happy which in turn makes me a better person.  Your logical mind challenges me daily to explain how life works which means I surely won’t ever suffer from Alzheimer’s.  In trying to mold you into a well-rounded adult, I hope I don’t scar you and that you don’t need therapy as an adult.


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