Blog Challenge Day 18 – Things I do everyday

Here’s another thing that you may find quirky about me!  I’m struggling with this post since ‘everyday’ has such a specific meaning and if I take it literally, meaning every single day, I can’t come up with much to include.  So, since I am a literal kind of girl, I thought I’d break it down into weekdays and weekend days and give you two very different lists which still meets the criteria.  (Someone needs to remind me this is merely a blog challenge designed to get me posting about things I don’t normally post about so you all can get a glimpse of me and that there are no right or wrong answers here!  Sheesh, I can be so uptight sometimes!)  Then I started the lists and found they were kind of boring and that the things I really do every day would be harder to come up with but might be a much cooler list.  So, here they are:

I wake up before eight AM – seriously?!? When I realized this is true I cried a little.  I am a night owl who officially never lets herself sleep in anymore, even on the weekends.  Even crazier, I usually wake up earlier on the weekends so I can go running.  Case in point was just this past Sunday when Hubby and I consciously decided not to set any alarms.  And I was still awake and up by 7:45.  Insane…

I play Words with Friends on my phone.  And, this is the ONLY game I play on my phone.

I think about running and whether I’ll be able to fit a run into my crazy day.  I successfully find time to run an average of three times a week and I cross train or lift weights three others – something I can do much easier in the time allotted for the fitness center at work.  There is only one day a week that I do not work out but even that day I’m thinking about running and whether I really HAVE to rest.

I tuck my girls into their beds at night.  Even Big Sister has not rejected this practice by deeming it not cool in her ‘tween years.  YET…  Even if I’m not there when they go to bed and Daddy, grandma or the sitter does it, I still make a point to visit each of their rooms, make sure they are covered up and kiss them good night. Maybe they will look back on this as the one normal thing their crazy Mom did when they are talking to their therapists.

I check Facebook.  Yes, everyday.  Even when I swore it off and vowed never to waste another hour on it again.  I limit it to once a day to make sure I haven’t got anyone to wish happy birthday to and get the status updates of the people on the list of real friends who’s crap I care about seeing.

I drink water.  At least ninety ounces, sometimes more.  Some days I hit that mark easily, sometimes it is a chore but every day I’m committed to proper hydration.  It makes such a difference when I work out and I always know if I’ve been slacking because I feel it.

I think about my novel.  I wish I could say that I write every day.  I’m getting there but some days the things I count as “writing” are really just moments of day dreaming about the world I’m creating and wondering about what makes my characters tick.  While in my mind that counts as working on my novel, it is not really writing new words every day.

I stay up too late.  What can I say?  There are never enough hours in a day to squeeze in everything I want to do.  Most days I sacrifice sleep for doing more of the things I want than I would if I went to bed on time.  Do I pay for this every morning?  Yes.  Yes, I do.

Which leads to the one thing that surprised even me since it did NOT make the list of things I do every single day:  drink coffee.  I realized that I don’t drink coffee on the weekends consistently.  While you can set your watch to my daily java consumption on work days, I just don’t need it to get through the weekends when I’m not surrounded by bullshit.  Maybe that’s because I can always squeeze a nap in between football games on Saturday and Sundays now that it is that season again.

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