Blog Challenge Day 20 – Foods I love and hate

I love pasta – but I don’t eat it very often.  When I do, I choose red sauce over my preferred cream sauce because I can’t afford ten hours on the treadmill to burn off that one meal.  My Dad is of Italian descent and he lived there for a time when he was younger before he met my Mom.  Which means the family recipe spaghetti sauce he passed down to me is authentic.  I love to make a big pan of sauce – simmered for hours so the flavors come alive (my mouth is watering as we speak) and then eat spaghetti all week – lunch and dinner.  Unfortunately, Hubby chose to spend his money in college predominantly on alcohol and thus ate a lot of ramen and spaghetti.  Which means he doesn’t ever want spaghetti.  *sigh*  Oh well, more for me!

I love eggs.  I could eat eggs every meal of every day and never get sick of them.  I love them scrambled with onions, omelets, over hard, hard boiled… just as long as the yolk is cooked and NOT runny and slimy.  *ick*  Eggs are probably my biggest source of protein since I don’t really love meat besides fish and fowl.

I’m a sucker for baked goods… cake, cookies, brownies.  OH.MY.GOD. I love brownies.  Again, I don’t indulge very often but there’s a side of me who wishes I wasn’t so responsible.

I also love chocolate – especially when mixed with peanut butter.  Show me a candy bar with that combination and I’ll show you a candy bar I’ve had a love affair with at some point in my life.  Currently, the Lindor chocolates that are little bit size balls sold individually are my nemesis.  They have them right by the cashier in the cafeteria at work and I break down and buy one almost every day.  


I hate diet drinks.  If it’s got chemical sweetener in it, I can taste it a mile away and want to hurl once the liquid passes my lips.  If I were dying of thirst – literally – and the only thing available was a diet soda, I might waste away before I gave in and drank one.

I hate coconut.  Not sure if it’s a taste or a texture thing – either way, I’m not a fan.

I hate walnuts and almonds.  I used to think I didn’t like ANY nuts until I tried cashews and found they are delightful.  Peanuts don’t count because they are really a legume and not a nut – and I like them, too.  Walnuts, though.  Bleck!  And why do people insist on RUINING a good browning by putting walnuts in them?!?  Seriously, people, enough already!  And don’t get me started with all the things slivered almonds show up in. UGH and they are so hard to pick off, too!

I hate bloody rare beef and I refuse to handle raw hamburger.  If it doesn’t come home from the store already nice and neatly formed into a patty before needing to be cooked, Hubby gets the honors.  The slimy feel of raw meat just makes me queasy.  And while I love a bite or two of a really great steak, if it’s rare I can’t even look at it.  Hubby, on the other hand, is a carnivore and has no problems.  Yuck!

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