The NaNo that wasn’t

It’s happened before… getting to the end of November and not winning NaNoWriMo. But this time was different. I had prepared for this one far more than any before. I had a fully-plotted story – albeit rough and very high level – with characters and motivations and all the things that I didn’t have the times before when I didn’t win.  Yet I still stalled at just over twelve thousand words.

Yes, I know… twelve thousand words is more than some people write in an entire month – myself included some months.  But my goal was fifty thousand and it was attainable.  I was even ahead of the word count after the first weekend.

So what happened?

Well, there was that pesky pulmonary embolism I was diagnosed with on November 1st.  But in reality I could have labeled that any of a number of things.  And all those things can be lumped together and called “life”.  The lesson I’m taking away from this month of best laid plans, derailed by no control of my own, is that life happens.  You can either let it get you down or you can look at the bright side and take away whatever good there is to take from the situation.  My health had to come first this year; and while I don’t have a purple winners bar at the end of the month, I still worked every time I had the energy to do so.

One of the biggest unspoken fears I’ve been grappling with as I sprint *cough* crawl to the finish line of the first draft of my first novel is WHAT’S NEXT?  What if I can’t come up with another good idea.  What if I spent five years figuring out how to write a novel, finally finish one and then that’s it.  I’ll never have another idea.

I didn’t need to worry, though.  While I didn’t have the energy or the time to write amid all the craziness of my life during November, I did have ideas brewing.  And now I’m pushing myself to finish this monumental, FIRST novel so I can get to the TWO other stories I’ve got to write now.  Hello, I’m Terra and I’m a writer regardless of whether I won or lost this year’s NaNoWriMo.

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