Biopsy week and a glance down memory lane

Two years ago I was preparing for my first ever Ragnar race that was a month away. I ran two of those bad boys that year and logged well over five hundred miles on my running shoes. I was the healthiest I’ve ever been in my entire life after deciding in 2008 that I was done being unhealthy and unhappy and transformed myself into a runner. I think that’s why this whole ordeal has been so hard on me. I worked my ass off to be healthy and live a long life with my kids and my husband to end up two years later with kidney disease? That is bullshit. Fucking bullshit.

Monday I had my kidney biopsy. Afterwards, they handed me my instructions to go home with which I was awake enough to read through. To my surprise item number four read: “You may return to work in one week.” What the hell? No one told me this shit was going to take me away from work for an entire week! Don’t you think that is something you kind of need to tell people ahead of time so THEY CAN PREPARE? I was so pissed and I’m sure I scared the timid little nurse with my thunderous rage as she scurried out the door to get someone to talk to me. The compromise is working at home all week from my couch but only because I have one seriously amazing boss. Three days out from the procedure, I totally know why I needed this week off. I’m a slow-moving hot mess who is out of breath and has zero stamina. Is it time for my nap yet?

Today is what I have dubbed “Answer Day”. I have an appointment with my specialist this afternoon to go over whatever it is that the biopsy showed and where we go from here. My one and only question for her will be: how do I get back to where I was two years ago where I can run every day and have energy to keep up with my kids? Because that’s all I’m really interested in. This shit – whether it is curable or not – is not going to take the joy from my life. I may not get to choose whether I have kidney disease but I get to choose how I live with it! Wish me luck and workable news…

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One response to “Biopsy week and a glance down memory lane

  • Lisa Jeppson

    I am wishing you luck and praying for you continually. I have been putting your name on the prayer roll and will continue doing that. I am so sorry health problems are so hard. They usually come unexpectedly and because of that you just don't have any idea what to do. Please keep me posted. I love you and care about you so much. I am so sorry you are going through this. I really believe you are stronger than you know..fingers crossed for some news today that will help you get back where you were!!


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