Coming to a Comic Con Near You This September

I hinted in my last post about some crazy new thing I’ve gotten myself involved with and today is the unveiling to the world what we’ve got cooking…

Steampunk Rock Opera


The Steampunk Rock Opera is a partially scripted improv play by Paul Genesse with singing, comedy and the awesome eight-member band, RUSTMONSTER led by Craig Nybo.

On September 25 (8-9PM) at Salt Lake Comic Con 2015 in room 355, meet Hana Lonely, the best airship pilot and smuggler in the Seven Skies. The half-steam engine and opera singing robot, ChooChoo. The handsome gentleman mechanic, Leo Longwrench. Psychopathic Scientist Dr. Von Mac. The under-appreciated and annoyed little sister, Angel Lonely. The villainous Airship Pirate Queen played by the legendary steampunk event creator and costumer, the Lady Nivi-Nichole!

Volunteer audience members will become part of the show!

Play a half-machine airship pirate, or join the crew of the Steam Falcon. Prepare to laugh at this PG rated show until you burst at the steams, errr, seams.



Yes, my first foray into Performance Art! Or, for those of you who knew me when, a revisit to my rocker days…


Narrator, and chief raconteur

I am the official narrator and chief raconteur for this event and I’m honored and excited to be included with this amazing cast. It’s going to be epic on so many levels and worth all the insanity leading up to next month’s event. Plan now to join us.

Disclaimer: you must have a ticket for Friday’s Comic Con entry to attend but once you’re inside the doors, this event is included.

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