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Spoke too soon

What is it with me?  I swear I have been invaded by the body snatchers where they left only the shell and screwed with the programming circuits of my entire being.  It is the only explanation for me dealing with the issues I currently have.  What are these issues and what are they caused from, you ask?  I have used my painfully acquired “Cause Mapping” skills to ascertain that I like to run more than my body can handle at this point.  Anyone who knows me will attest this is insane!  Even my brother asked me last week who I was and what I had done with his sister while I was gushing about running.  This week I cut back to only running 3 times a week and still doing some cardio daily when I can squeeze it in.  So, I walked the equivalent of a 5K on Monday night, felt good last night when I got done with all the other crap going on and got to squeeze in a late evening 1-mile run.  Immediately and promptly afterwards I had painful muscles which persist today.  So, apparently I am STILL – even with my efforts to cut back on specifically the running impact to my body – doing too much exercise.  The insanity is that we are talking about the girl who got winded going up a flight of stairs when I started the new job in October.  The girl who got winded walking to her car even!  It just occurred to me I should feel embarrassed about my poor health 6 months ago and not talk about it but then I think about the progress I have made with what seems like very little effort and want to shout it to the world.  I walked up the 6 flights of stairs today after lunch without getting even slightly winded.  It felt amazing!  Perhaps with the big 4-0 birthday looming around the proverbial corner I can consider this my midlife crisis?  All I know is that I will be 40 and Fabulous by the time it hits at this rate and couldn’t be happier!

Spoiled by nice weather

I am so happy for nice weather… There is nothing better than being outside instead of banished to indoor cardio! Training continues and yesterday's run was invigorating and only mildly cold from the wind. I am slowly making measured improvements and still feel confident I will be running a full mile within the month. Amazing to think… I walked a 5K tonight with a friend and felt great doing it. I thought I would be sore but I wasn't and even the few knots in my legs are beginning to subside as my body grows accustomed to its new lifestyle. I have even talked enough about running that I have a couple of non-runners who would like to join in. I am telling you, it is contagious! The best thing I heard all day was when the hubby told me he got winded and couldn't even run a half mile after his workout at the gym. I know he is still rehabing from a new ACL a year ago but seriously I have never been in better physical shape than he has and never thought I would be. I am taking the satisfaction (and accompanying glee) where I may!

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Long day

Sat on the bleachers at a local high school watching dance competition all day long. Yes, a glutton for punishment and a devoted dance mom! Can't wait to fall into bed and hope the kinks in my neck and back fall out while I sleep. The best part is that when I wake up it will be time to run. I love knowing that and will have sweet dreams because of it!
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Tweaked is better

I got to try the tweaked run today and man did it feel good to run again after a couple of days off. I am officially only running every other day for now to ease my body into it better. I also warmed up on my exercise bike and hit the neighborhood running. I liked it much better and was able to keep a steady run for a while. A new baseline for measurement. It was pretty windy and that made it cold and almost unpleasant but still better than the treadmill indoors. Can't wait for Sunday!!
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The proof is in the pants

A favorite pair of pants made their re-debute from the depths of the closet this morning and they look damn good! Haven't worn 'em in over a year-and not for lack of trying every few months. The scale says I haven't lost anything but that just means my new muscles weight more than the flab I have shed. The pants don't lie and these pants rock again! I love running on so many levels…
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Life happened

Today was supposed to be a training day where I got to run and try out the newly tweaked workout… What actually happened was an entire afternoon devoted to a Disaster Recovery test – aka productive chaos – and no time at work to slip away to the treadmill. Tonight was my monthly bookclub meeting – a hallowed tradition I am immoveable about missing – which meant no time for an outdoor run at home either. While I am bummed about missing my run today, I will just do it tomorrow. Bookclub, the friend time afterwards which yielded some fabulous story development for my novel, and the neighbor time after that was well worth the sacrifice. And let's be honest, my poor calves are just starting to give up their protests about all the work they have been doing lately so one more day of resting isn't going to be unappreciated on some level…
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Kind of annoying

First, it is again snowing in my neck of the woods and it is pretty damn annoying. One day it is 70 and the next you need the winter coat – in April. Equally annoying is having to take a day off of training because you are pushing your poor body too hard. Today that wasn't a big issue since I was slammed at work and my designated workout time came and went before I even noticed. Funny, though, how quickly you can become addicted to an activity and miss it if you aren't doing it everyday. I couldn't (or rather wouldn't!) go running in the snow either so instead settled for some yoga to relieve some stress – from the damn IRS considering it is tax day – and still felt pretty good. Can't wait for tomorrow when I get to see if my “switching it up” methods get me better results.
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Day 9

I had to listen to my body today and take a day off of running due to a very nasty headache. I wasn't able to get my run in during work hours at the fitness center and by the time I got home my head was pounding and I could barely see to drive. I did, however, take a minute on the way home to drive my outdoor route and determine the distance of my 30-minute outdoor runs. 1.6 miles isn't too shabby for this beginner. Which means when I get to the point where I can run the 15-minutes straight prescribed in the training program I will be running a mile (or something close to that). I refuse to think of today as a defeat but instead am reveling in the fact that I am already showing significant improvement after only a week. Tomorrow is another day and one in which I get to run!
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