End Days… going Incommunicado

Well, I’ve done it… The email is all cleaned out, all the personal effects are either already carted home or are bound for the “5-minute box” on the way out the door tomorrow, and I’ve checked off pretty much all the things that I wanted to do on my list titled Departure Tasks with time tomorrow to take care of what’s left. I am even resigned to the fact that I will not have a Blackberry for the time being… although I found one on eBay that I do believe is going to be MINE. I am both excited for what’s ahead and very sad to leave. In the end, though, I believe that even if I had the elusive crystal ball it would simply confirm that I am making the right career choice for me long-term.

With that said, this will be my last post for a while – probably a week at least – because things in life don’t always turn out as we like them to and not only will I not have the Internet on my hip in the form of my little black beauty labeled Blackberry, we will not even have Internet access at the house. Long story short, our ISP dropped us from a local tower when they ran into problems with the home it was on a couple of months back and because I have a wireless card in my laptop provided for work access (a perk of being on call 24x7x365) we just didn’t rush to replace it and it got buried in all the rest of the stuff I’ve been up to. I called yesterday to order an install with the company we decided would give us comparable service at a reasonable rate and then listened in HORROR to the sales girl tell me that the first available install date is more than a week away. We are on the waiting list if anything comes open before then and I am sure hoping that happens! I have to turn in my work laptop and all accessories tomorrow before I leave and I won’t even be in my new office to get my new laptop until Tuesday. When I do, it does not come with a nifty little air card to access Internet anywhere so even with a laptop I won’t have Internet access on it. Talk about going cold turkey! See you on the other side of a week of no-Internet-hell and wish me luck, I’m definitely going to need it! Maybe it will give me an excuse to work on my novel outline since I sure don’t need the Internet to be creative…right?!?

On a light note, I heard that there’s a pot at the new place and that the most anyone has given me is 6 days before my head explodes from information overload. So, I have THAT to look forward to! 🙂

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