Day 8

Today was a personal best even though there isn’t too much to compare with as yet. First day running outdoors with my running shoes and still can’t say enough about them! I am back to my lungs giving out before my legs do. There’s one stretch of road I could easily mark progress on and I was able to go twice the distance as the last outdoor run. I had more running intervals on this run and I wasn’t sucking wind as much after any of them. I’m going to have to plot out a new route because now I am done with the route before my 30 minutes are gone. Progress is such sweet victory! And, now that word is out, I have been recruited for my first “race” which luckily I have more than a year to train for. It is a 9-person relay between two cities where each team member runs three 3-mile legs. I am still amazed it is only a week in and I am seeing the kinds of results I am with increased lung capacity as well as endurance. I balked at the thought it would only take 30 days before a non-running-never-run-before beginner could be running 3-mile stints but it sure looks now like it is possible!

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