Week 13 – The good, the worrisome and the bittersweet

Week 13 was marked with another doctor’s appointment. It was such a crazy roller-coaster ride! First, I got to hear the baby’s heartbeat for the first time – strong and steady and totally amazing. Then, I got super depressing news – no more running (or anything high impact) until I deliver. I know, I just got his blessing to run 4 weeks ago but in reviewing my chart from my last pregnancy he realized I have a short cervix which means no running this time around. It made the fact that my first trimester was so filled with queasiness and exhaustion that I couldn’t run even more heartbreaking considering I could have been running that whole time in blissful ignorance until I was ordered not to and now I didn’t even have that. Oh well, I will have to get over it and lament the loss of the months I had envisioned running with a cute little baby bump until it got too big and I surrendered to walking and cherish the last two or three weeks I’ve been enjoying it. Walking will now be the mainstay and I’ll take what I can get. After all, I’m not so totally selfish that I would risk my baby just so I could run and I’m glad I found out the risks now than had I continued running and had problems later.

After that little blow, we talked about genetic screening and I got to hear my new least favorite phrase ‘advanced maternal age’ more times than I cared to count while my nurse tried to get me an appointment with the genetic counselor next week since it has to be done before I’m 14 weeks. We decided to do the early blood test screening which is non-invasive and will give us an idea based on OUR genetic markers and not simple statistics what the odds are for a genetic disorder or defect. I am a bit less apprehensive when I heard that there is ‘only’ about a 1% chance with my ‘advanced maternal age’ of having a Downs Syndrome baby and that there is an even higher chance of causing a miscarriage with an amniocentesis. A blood test and another ultrasound and then we’ll know our specific chances of problems and then decide if any further testing is warranted. I’m looking at it as a smart and routine test – ahem, considering my ‘advanced maternal age’.

After all the ups and downs are behind me, the fact remains that I am still healthy and still pregnant and well past the point of any early miscarriage concerns. And, in about 3.5 weeks we can go and find out what we are having. I’m SO not waiting until the doctor visit ultrasound which won’t happen for 8 MORE WEEKS. It is worth the cost to go to Fetal Photos and pay for them to tell us as soon as they can tell what the sex is. I have now started and abandoned knitting both a light blue and a white with girlie colored bits baby blankets. Neither of which had my heart in them because what happens if I spend all this time and effort and I picked the wrong flavor? So, I came into some really soft red yarn and have settled on my own version of a unisex color and am happily knitting away in between my trying to fit enough reading time into my still shortened evenings to finish the MASSIVE book club pick for the month.

I’ve officially entered the “it feels so great to be pregnant” period that I remember from my first pregnancy and I’m glad I get to be one of the lucky few who feels that way about being pregnant. I had a full-body massage earlier in the week which did wonders for my little bout of sciatic nerve irritation and overall aches and pains and enjoyed an evening at my girl friends new pool with friends who helped me put the whole ‘advanced maternal age’ into perspective with laughter and fun. Here’s to another good week ahead, even if it doesn’t include running!

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