Back to kickin my trash

Ok, I will admit to being in a total downward spin since Friday about being taken off the running circuit against my will – mostly because I thought there wasn’t anything else out there that would give me the workouts I wanted and had come to enjoy. Last night I loaded up my NextFit keychain trainer with a new training program I found under the heading of “prenatal fitness” and hit the gym this afternoon. I am happy to report that it was a low impact treadmill workout that totally kicked my trash! At one point I was speed-walking at 4 miles per hour on a 7.0 incline and loving the sweating going on. Now that I am over THAT little hurdle, it is time to patiently wait for genetic screening test results and the baby to grow enough to solve the mystery of what sex it is! Ummm… the only problem with that being I am SO NOT a patient person!! At least I can still have great workouts with all the crazy waiting going on!
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